Top 7 Haunted Battlefields

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1. Gettysburg

Painting “Hancock at Gettysburg” by Thur de Thulstrup, shows the battle.

The Battle of Gettysburg is widely known as one of the bloodiest battles in the American Civil War. More than 50,000 men were killed, wounded or lost in action.

Today, anyone who visits Gettysburg can attest to the creepy sights and sounds that you’ll find there, and you can even take a ghost tour.

Some say that up to 10,000 soldiers still haunt the battlefield to this day, and it’s not just the battlefield that experiences paranormal activities.

Nearby historic buildings experience it as well, especially those that were used as makeshift hospitals during and after the battle.

From ghostly apparitions on the battlefield to eery noises to odd lights, visitors report a wide variety of odd occurrences on the actual battlefield.

In nearby buildings, anything can happen – doors lock on their own, flights flicker and objects move freely.

It’s truly a hub for paranormal activity!